We Love Pilates but know that sometimes people want to “feel the burn” and work to build endurance and stamina. This is why we have on our timetable a selection of high intensity mat workouts.

Now that is not to say that the Intermediate/Advance matwork won’t build strength and stamina but if you really want to push your cardio then why not try one of these more intense classes?


Cardio-Pilates PILATES CLASSES with added INTENSITY! Feel the benefit of a PILATES workout with added PULSE.

Keep fit, tone and stretch with this exciting class as you alternate between calorie burning PULSE exercises and recovery PILATES techniques!

Can you keep up with the pulse?


The Pilates Barrels are amazing, versatile pieces of equipment. Originally designed by Joseph Pilates these ingenious pieces of small apparatus can provide great variations for many of the Classic Mat exercises, such as Roll-Up and Roll-Over.

There are also many exercises unique to the Arc Barrel that work the body at every possible angle you can imagine! If you want to try something new, get off your mat and try a challenging and fun Arc Barrel Class.


This class is a FUSION of the core strengthening exercises of Pilates and is inspired by the energising flow of Yoga.

During the class you will transition from one posture to the next, aligning movement with breathing. The focus is on building upper body, core and leg strength while increasing flexibility. You will leave this class feeling toned, strengthened and detoxified. We conclude the energetic FUSION class with 10 minutes of relaxation.

This class is for clients with no injuries.


Legs, Bums and Tums classes target your legs, bum and tum to help tone up the body. You can expect a full body aerobic workout which shapes your stomach, bum and thighs. … As well as increasing your stamina and endurance – Our Legs, Bums and Tums class will improve your flexibility and mobility whilst burning calories.

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