We want to make Pilates part of your life and help you feel the difference it can make to your body.

Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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What do I wear?

You will need to wear comfortable clothing which does not restrict your movement for example, stretch pants, tracksuit bottoms, sports tops, vest or t-shirt. Please wear grip socks for safety and hygiene..

What to expect when booking a Health Assessment

The instructor will walk you through your completed enrolment form and ask relevant questions about any injuries or conditions you may have. Then the basic principles of pilates are taught to you. Alignment, Breathing and Centering. Once the ABC’s have been taught, various assessment exercises are given, avoiding any restrictions or discomfort along the way. After the assessment the instructor will be able to guide you into a suitable class or advise you may need further one to one’s.

What do I need to bring?

We provide all the equipment like mats and bands etc which we require you to clean after use. You are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.

Should I arrive early for my class?

If it is your first class please arrive 10 minutes before your class to complete our enrolment form. If you haven’t been before, please arrive 5 minutes before class to sign in at reception or with the teacher. If you are more than 5 minutes late for your class you will not be allowed into the class, as you will have missed the warm up and it would be unsafe for you to participate in the class.

How do I create an Account with Pilates Body Studio so I can purchase and book classes?

To create an account click on SCHEDULE then click MY ACCOUNT in the top right hand corner. Then click CREATE ACCOUNT, complete the short registration form. Once you have created an account you can purchase a pass and book your classes.

What is the difference between Studio Sessions and Mat work classes

Our Studio sessions are carried out in our equipment studio and take up to three or four people per session. We use the pilates machines, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrell. Our mat classes take a maximum of 12 people and we use smaller equipment in these classes, foam rollers, bands, balls and toning circles.

How do I cancel my classes?

We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy, once you have given us 24 hours’ notice you can rebook the session another day within your 28 day pass. If you are unable to give us 24 hours’ notice your session is lost. You can cancel a class via our app, by email or by phone.

Do I need a health assessment to join the pregnancy class?

If you are suffering with any pregnancy related issues which may cause you to not be able to exercise you are welcome to join the pregnancy class.

Is there parking at the studio?

Parking can be found behind Kings Head on Thanet Road and behind The George pub. Arrive early as parking is often busy.

Are you open during half term and summer holidays?

We are open during half term and summer holidays but run a reduced timetable during the Summer and Christmas period.

What are our reception open hours?

Our reception is manned Tuesday & Thursday 9am -1pm
Our receptionist works from home Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am – 12pm and can be contacted via our email or phone
We are open 7 days a week with classes. Our instructors open and close the door before and after class.

What is Pilates? Is it the same as Yoga?

There are many similarities to Yoga and Pilates as they are both a form of exercise which works on the mind and body. They both improve strength and flexibility and work on postural faults to improve posture. Yoga however, dates back much further in time than Pilates does. Joesph Pilates was a yoga enthusiast and was inspired by yoga and martial arts. Pilates uses much more equipment than yoga and we provide all the pilates apparatus in our equipment studio.