Each Studio Equipment Session consists of 2-3 people being instructed on the Pilates machines. We highly recommend studio equipment sessions if you need assistance with a specific injury or have been referred to us by a medical professional.

Unlike our Reformer classes which are part of our High Intensity workouts, you will be working individually to achieve your own goals in these sessions.

This unique way of exercising is tailored to individual needs, however as the session is shared so is the cost, making it a more affordable way for you to feel the benefits of the machines.

The Pilates equipment provides a resisted workout with more assistance and support and consists of:

  • Cadillac – Whether sitting, standing, kneeling, lying or even upside down, the springs, bars, mat and trapeze of the Cadillac provide the most diverse Pilates experience.
  • Reformer – A sliding carriage which is suspended on a smooth gliding track within a solid rectangular frame.  The carriage has a range of spring strengths to provide resistance to your workout.  The reformer allows you to exercise all ranges or movement improving flexibility and strength. 
  • Wunda Chair – Though the basic design is simple, there are a myriad of exercise that can be performed on the Pilates chair from sitting, standing and lying, spring tension can be increased to intensify the workout.   
  • Spine Corrector – Non sprung piece of equipment which  works your whole body while opening the hips, chest, shoulders and neck.  
  • Barrels – The ladder barrel is a non sprung piece of equipment which is an effective solution to stretching and mobilising your body.  Improving flexibility of muscles will help avoid back and hip pain. 

Joseph Pilates pioneered these machines before matwork exercises; therefore some of the matwork exercises cannot be achieved without the assistance of the equipment.