A reformer class is a resistance based workout, we offer six reformers making it a personal workout.  Booking is highly recommended.

A Pilates reformer has a sliding carriage which is suspended on a smooth gliding track within a solid rectangular frame.  The sliding carriage has a range of different strength springs beneath that are connected to one end of the rectangular frame, these provide the resistance aspect of the exercise.

The Pilates reformer allows the body to exercise in a full range of motion for arms and legs, while stabilising the torso to allow idealised muscle isolation.  If you are looking to get stronger then Reformer Pilates is for you.

The Reformer creates a unique and varied exercise environment which we are now delighted to be able to offer at Pilates Body Studio.  It is a very different workout from the mat classes as the exercises are performed on a moveable carriage with ropes for and or legs.  This fun piece of equipment will provide a great workout by adding load to exercises with spring tension in order to adapt the body, isolating and working on faulty recruitment patterns.

Joseph Pilates was an inventor, a man ahead of his time!  He rehabilitated patients (including sports and service people) back to fitness with his wonderful inventions, particularly the Reformer. 

Reformer Basics

Reformer Basic is the best place to start on your reformer journey.  Learn the basic moves and get used to spring tension and how to increase load to your workout.  We advise that you attend at least 4 Basic classes before you attend a Standard Reformer class especially if you are new to using a Reformer

Reformer Standard

Ready for the next level of Pilates, do you feel like you want more than the basics?  Been to a Reformer Pilates class before?  This is a great place to start.  Adding more load and intensity to your workout our Standard Class gives you lots of variations and options to make this workout your own.  Expect Weights, Toning Circle and more spring tension to be added for more challenge.

Reformer Dynamic

Ready to progress the load, intensity and Pulse? Have you been attending a Standard Reformer class for sometime and wondering how to advance your workout? This class is not suitable for anyone with injuries or niggles.  This class is or a higher intensity than the Basic or Standard class.  Not suitable for beginners.

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