Matwork classes are not only fun, they are designed to help you improve flexibility and strength. Small equipment such as bands, toning circles and balls are used during matwork classes to help you achieve better movement patterns and provide you with more awareness of your body – and of course to challenge you!

Our Matwork Studio is bright and spacious, our USP is that only take 12 people in each class.  If you are injury free then we recommend starting at a mixed ability class or one that is suitable for beginners.  If you have been referred by an Osteopath, Physio or GP we recommend you book a 1hour Health Assessment so your instructor can guide you to an appropriate class.

Instructors cater to each individual, offering alternative movements if required so there is never a reason to feel worried about your ability. Our instructors will look after you in terms of correction, motivation and fun!

Mixed Ability Matwork: A fun class using various small equipment to keep the class structure varied. This class is suitable for all levels including beginners, we will cover beginner and intermediate levels within this class giving you the opportunity to work at your own level.

Intermediate/Advanced Matwork: Maximise your core with these classes, if you have been attending a mixed ability class for a while and feel you could work toward a more intermediate level this is the class for you. This level is not suitable for beginners or for clients who have any injuries.

Endurolates:  Cardio-Pilates PILATES CLASS with added INTENSITY! Feel the benefit of a PILATES workout with added ENDURANCE.
Keep fit, tone and stretch with this exciting class as you alternate between calorie burning PULSE exercises and recovery PILATES techniques!

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