We offer a unique Post Pregnancy Pilates class called Teddylates which is a Mum and Baby class. New mums needn’t worry about exerting themselves too much.

Our Teddylates class focuses on low-intensity workouts that benefit the body in a less extreme way than methods offered via a conventional workout. You should allow at least six weeks after childbirth before resuming or starting Pilates.

There are many classes designed with the baby in mind, Teddylates is a class like no other where the focus is on the mum. Making sure they are looking after themselves while they juggle life and motherhood. Mothers bring their non-crawling babies to class and work on their posture while strengthening and stretching.

There is lots of interaction with the little ones throughout the class if they are awake. We also provide a bouncer chair, play mat and toys too.

We recommend you have your six week check from the Doctor before signing up to this class. The instructor will also make sure you are safe to exercise by checking for any diastasis recti (abdominal separation), we want to make sure you perform the exercises correctly and that only suitable exercises are given. The class is a maximum of 12 mums so we can make modifications if we need to

We look forward to welcoming you to the Studio.

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