Pilates Style… articles ranging from Corsets to Core

This magazine is great for information and tips on Pilates! Article topics range from corsets and core strength, reformer tips and exercises, men and Pilates, to the truth and so much more!

Relaxation Techniques

Visit this website to learn some new relaxation tips. Sit back, light a candle and enjoy. It’s all about time for you!

Sweaty Betty

All the teachers here at Pilates Body Studio LOVE Sweaty Betty! The clothes are perfect for working out in as they are loose, comfortable – and trendy! We also love their Pilates socks. Check out the website for more information.

Beast Cancer Awareness

Here at the Studio we often run events in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. In July 2012 we held our 2nd Pilates-a-thon where we ran Pilates classes for 12 hours in succession. It’s always a great event for both members and non-members to get involved in.

Neals Yard

Women’s Balance Essential Oils – we all need balance in our lives. We like burning this oil in the studio; it smells amazing!